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Klute Truck Equipment is a distributor for Scott Grain Bodies and Hoists. The Scott trademark assures you of the highest quality. The body is a combination of the finest design features available. Designed for durability and long life, the continuously formed steel corrugated sides offer extra strength and the one piece construction makes it weather tight. Rigidity is added to the platform during hoisting because of the extra side strength. The dual function top rail also serves as a tarp rail. Scott bodies come from the factory primed with all the pieces stacked together.  

We then put the bodies together, sand the boxes, primer and then paint the boxes the color of your choice in our paint booth. Once the paint is dry we pin stripe the box your chosen color and then they are ready to be set on a truck. This is quite the process, but it makes sure you have a great looking box that will stay looking good for years to come.