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Frame Alteration

Frame lengthening, or frame stretching along with the addition of axles of all types are some of  Klute Truck Equipment's specialties.   Our experienced team can reconfigure trucks and trailers, both large and small to meet the requirements you have.

It is vital, when reconfiguring a truck frame, that all aspects of the trucks performance be considered, including ride, turning radius, load balance, drive train, electrical configuration and even fuel systems.  When you think about all the areas that are impacted by a "simple" addition of a few inches (or many inches) to the overall length of a truck, you will soon realize that this is a job that is best done by professionals. You can imagine the kinds of problems you could encounter if the job is done poorly.

Klute Truck Equipment Frame Configuration

A frame being out of plumb, causing dog tracking would be devastating to tires, and would fatigue the frame significantly over time.  Even slight deviations can cause big problems "going down the road", so don't take a chance, bring your frame work to the Klute Truck Equipment professionals for expert work and piece of mind as you roll on down the highway!     

Pusher and tag axles are also one of our specialties.  Whether it's going on a truck or a trailer, an extra axle can really make a difference in the productivity of the unit you add it to. Working with world class suppliers like Silent Drive, we provide top quality axles. These axles can range in sizes from 71.5 to 77.5 inches with a capacity of up to 22,500 lbs.  We can even add a steerable axle if needed. For all the options we offer, just give us a call today!